22kW AC Three-phase Commercial EV Charging Wallbox

ZHECHI ELECTRIC 22kW commercial charger provides fast charging to electric vehicle equipped with three-phase on-board charger. Designed with a type 2 charging socket, the charger is compatible with either type 1 or type 2 cable.

Compliant with the industrial standards, the charger use MID certified meter to ensure accuracy and built-in RCD to secure safety

The charger can be connected to a charging network with the help of EN-GATE gateway. Multiple public chargers in one location can be integrated in the network with only one internet communication connection.

Key Features:

Power: 22kW

Output Current: 32A

One Type 2 charging socket

MID certified energy meter

RCD Type A+6MA DC detective

Compliant with OCPP 1.6 ( JSON)

RFID function

Protection Grade: IP54

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